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For Hiking Backpack Leak Proof Water Reservoir Storage Bag, BPA-Free Water Pouch Hydration Pack for Camping Cycling Running, Military Green,3L
🌴LARGE OPENING FOR EASY CLEANING – CHERAINTI 3l hydration bladder has one of large opening, and the big opening makes for easy pouring of water. It is also fairly wide for a hand or bottle brush easily access to the interior water bladder 3l. The screw on cap goes on and off easily. For cold water, simply add ice cubes directly from a scoop or refrigerator ice dispenser. The smooth inner of water reservoir promotes health and is easy to clean.
🌴PREMIUM QUALITY – The whole hydration bladder is made of premium material. Water reservoir is taste free, SGS certified and food grade. This tested to comply with international safety standards. It won’t leave a bad taste in your drink. The water bladder 3l passed pneumatic pressure test, it is pressure-tolerant. Double sealing side technique has greatly improved durability hydration pack bladder.
🌴REMAIN PEFECTLY HYDRATED – This hydration bladder 3L can withstand temperatures from 20 to 50 degrees Celsius. The tube resists temperature changes in hot and cold weathers. L 16.9'' x W 7.6'' water bladder is compatible with most hydration pack. The tube, 0.4” diameter and 40” long, provides a wholesome flow for easy drinking, keeping you hydrated when Camping, biking, cycling, hiking, or running!
🌴WELL-SEALING WATER BLADDER – You won't be slowed down with our high flow bite-valve. Simply bite the mouthpiece to suck water. Soft mouthpiece with easily accessible ON/OFF valve. It also has a cover to keep dirt out. Conveniently control the water flow by biting. Quick-release tube is detachable. While the tube is removed, the connnector automatically shut off and the hydration bladder will stay filled. Store neatly in fridge/icebox without tangling hose.
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3 liter hydration bladder

Hiking, trail running, backpacking, cycling, camping, mountaineering and hunting are just but a few of the many sports activities contemporary humans engage in with the utmost zeal. Whether it is in winter or summer, hydration during adventures is mandatory in order to get the most out of your trip. Hence hydration bladder have taken the activities world by storm in recent years.

Are you looking for the best hydration pack bladder to keep your thirst at bay on your next adventure? While have a look at CHERAINTI water bladder.

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2l bladder hydration bladder


Made from food grade PEVA material and certified by FDA and SGS, this water bladder is BPA free, with no chemical taste or weird flavors, just provide you with a pure and clean drinking experience. Adopted the high frequency welding technology, CHERAINTI hydration bladder is designed with double sealing lines to ensure the 3L hydration reservoir is pressure tolerant.


CHERAINTI hydration bladder designed the screw cover with 2 handles. One big handle is for easy hold with hands, the other handle is suitable for hanging in the backpack, and it suits most backpacks. Besides hydration, water reservoirs may be used for washing dishes or equipment. Therefore, you can suspend the water bladder from a high place like a tree branch to get water flow out.


The 3 liter hydration pack bladder comes with a wide and large opening, which makes it really easy to collect, fill and refill. You can reach the inside of water bladder for thoroughly cleaning. It is also convenient to fill in ice cubes to keep water cold. The screw cap closure is water-tight.

2 liter bladder


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Thanks to the pushing and release hose mechanism, the water reservoir is well sealed. When filling in water, you will find it more convenient to disconnect the detachable hose.


There is a push/pull valve on the water bladder. You can bite the mouthpiece to get water out or use just one hand to squeeze it. The easy flow bite valve provides a big and smooth flow.


There is a connected strip between the cover and valve, hence you won't lose the cover by accident. When the water reservoir is not in use, the durable mouthpiece cover protects the bite valve against dirt and damage.

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Don’t fill the hydration bladder with the following beverage:

  • Milk
  • Juic
  • Soft drinks
  • Alcholo
  • Liquor
  • Etc.



Step 1: Fill the hydration bladder with warm water, half a teaspoon of bleach and two tablespoons of baking soda. Shake, close, then let it sit for 30 minutes or so.

Step 2: Dump out the cleaning solution, rinse well, flush the hose, prop the water reservoir open and hang it to dry.


There is an "on" and "off" bottom on the mouthpiece. If you put it "off", water can't get out. Please also bite while suck the mouthpieces .

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Having water is an essential, and hydration bladder makes it easy to carry on your back without having additional containers. CHERAINTI portable and ergonomic hydration reservoir can fit in most backpacks. During activities trips, you can hang it to your camp side for easy access to water.

Always keep you hydrated, healthy and happy while you out there exploring the world!

Product Description

If you are looking for effective hydration bladder for hydration pack, notice our top grade water bladder, featuring advanced technology!
Suction nozzle: Silicone gel
Use Range:
Biking, hiking, running, camping, and other sports.
Easily accessible ON/OFF valve.
Soft bite mouthpiece designed for easy sipping.
Water pouch High-flow bite valve with dust cover.
The tube size is good for providing a wholesome flow.
It resists temperature changes in hot and cold weathers.
Drinking tube is detachable for better storage.
Water reservoir auto-shutoff valve.
Premium material, non-toxic, BPA free, SGS certified.
Taste free and will not leave a bad flavor in your drink.
Smooth inside surface keeps filled water clean.
Wide opening for easy filling, cleaning, draining, and ice insertion.
Measuring scale helps you check on the amount on water left on it.
Double soldering sealing side improves durablity.
Pressure tolerant and does not wear out from active uses.
Ergonomic, portable design.
Get a free item and money back guarantee.
Water bladder is compatible with most hydration pack
Package contents: 1 x Hydration bladder
1 x Quick release tube with shutoff valve
1 x Magic bandana
Whether you are riding your bicycle, hiking up a mountain, or simply going for a stroll at your neighborhood park, this 2L hydration bladder water bag will help you have access to clear water and remain perfectly hydrated at all times!