Collapsible Water Cups

Leakproof Valve Reusable BPA Free Silicone Foldable Travel Water Bottle Cup for Gym Camping Hiking Travel Sports Lightweight Durable
🥛【Use safe silicon】The water bottle is BPA free and odorless, made of BPA-free food-grade organic silicone, passed LFGB, SGS and as obtained FDA certification, to ensure safe drinking, no PVC, latex, phthalate and plastic smell, etc. odor. It is safe and hygienic, because it uses a food-grade liquid silicone bottle and a food-grade plastic cap,children can also use it with confidence.
🥛【LEAK-PROOF AND EASY-TO-CLEAN】The patented sealing screw cap is used to eliminate leakage and splashing and effectively prevent the bottle from accidentally opening. The wide-mouth design makes it easier to clean the inside of the collapsible soft water container or add ice or lemon to it. When using for the first time, it is recommended to soak in boiling water for 10 minutes for thorough cleaning.
🥛【Cold and heat resistance】This product has excellent heat resistance and can withstand temperatures from -50 to 200°C. It has leak-proof and impact-resistant properties and is very suitable for all activities and sports. Even if it is squeezed or pushed, it will be tightly sealed. Even if you put it in a backpack or computer bag, it will not leak.We do not recommend using it in liquids higher than 158°F (70°C) to avoid hot hands.
🥛【Lightweight and convenient】The 20oz(600mL) portable silicone bottle is a foldable type. It takes advantage of the characteristics of soft silicone and can be folded compactly after drinking, making it easy to carry.Allows you to hydrate your body at any time and any where.
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fold water bottle

Tired of bulky water bottles leaking in your bags?

A lot of people are always on-the-go, raising the need for more portable and convenient items. Since food and water are basic human necessities, packaged food and bottled beverages have become a staple for busy individuals.

We usually toss our unnecessarily large water bottles in our bags and think nothing of it. By the time lunch rolls around, you open your backpack, tote bag or designer purse, and find out you’ve created a lake right under your nose.

Keep your things safe and dry with the help of a Our Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle!


The Best Collapsible Water Bottles That Won't Take up Space in Your Bag

Collapsible Water Bottles
Product Features
  • Our bottles are made of BPA-free food-grade silicone.
  • Our bottles are dishwasher safe and resistant to a temperature range of -50°C to 200°C.
  • The bottles are airtight and easy to fold reducing the bottle’s size by over 80%.
  • The cylindrical shape of the bottle makes it sturdy and easy to hold.
  • Is designed for easier carrying of the bottle on the backpack.

Natural silicone products may have a slight odor or taste present.

  • 1) To remove it, add a small baking soda and fill the bottle with hot water.
  • 2) Let it sit for 2 hours or more;
  • 3) Then pour out the water and wash thoroughly.



Materials:PP,food-grade silica gel


Product Size:

Size:22cm bottle body, 2.5cm bottle cap, 7cm cup diameter

Unfold: 7*7*24.5cm;

Fold: 7*7*5cm

Packing size: 8*8*7cm

Duration: 3years or above

Package Included:

1 * Water Bottle ;

1 * Packing Box


Sport Design

  • The most convenient method of providing hydration during most forms of exercise is a water bottle. This is the perfect compromise between utility and convenience; they usually offer enough of a capacity for the liquid to facilitate the average workout session and they’re portable enough to be stored in a backpack or gym bag. However, some variations on this popular model have produced interesting results, such as a reusable water bottle that can be collapsed into an even smaller form when they’re empty.
  • The Collapsiable Water Bottle was designed to fit in your pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase. Unlike rigid water bottles that are full of hot air when empty, it is foldable and can be rolled, folded or flattened and tucked away. This means it goes more places and fits in tighter spaces than any other bottle.



Leak Proof Guaranteed


Made of thick and flexible BPA-free silicone, the reusable water bottle maintains its sturdy feel for a comfortable drinking experience, made of 100% food-grade materials;

Free of BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalates, lead, latex, and other harmful leaching chemicals.

  • enough to survive accidental drops,
  • also makes it safe to drink


sturdy and comfortable to drink from; rolls up for compact travel; loops around your wrist for easy carry; attaches to your bag for quick access.

It conveniently rolls up or squashes down when space is tight.

Attached multi-function strap secures the flask in its folded position and makes it easy to carry when you're on-the-go.

  • Freezable, heat resistant
  • Flexible, shatterproof silicone
  • Ergonomic concave-convex design, easy to grasp

3.Leak Proof Guaranteed

The patented screw cap design ensures a secure, airtight seal when closed and controlled intake when open.

In between sips, the hinged cap doubles as a hygienic spout cover, preventing from getting onto the mouth piece and into your drink--handy for when traveling, spending time outdoors, at the gym, or for kids at school.

  • 100% leak-proof design to prevent annoying spills
  • Wide mouth lid makes cleaning easier
  • Convenient to drink water or add ice cubes and lemon slice

Product Description

Product parameters



Materials:PP,food-grade silica gel


Body Size:22cm bottle body,2.5cm bottle cap,7cm cup diameter

Product Size: 2.76*2.76* 9.65 inch (7*7*24.5cm Unfold); 2.76*2.76*1.97inch (7*7*5cm Fold)

Packing size:3.15*3.15*2.76inch(8*8*7cm)

Duration:3 years or above

Occasion:daily,traveling,hiking,camping,motion,cold/hot water filling

Step:open the cap first,then fully open as a bottle,once bottle is empty,collase and recap for easy travel or storage.

Features:100% BPA Free,Lightweight,LFGB Certified Silicone,Leak Proof Guaranteed, Protable,Collapsible

Durable Temperature: -50℃ - 200℃

Package Included:

1 * Combo Water Bottle ;

2 * Packing Box