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Waterproof Nylon
Winter Cold Weather Sleeping bag: This Sleeping Bag will Keep you Warm and Rest in Cold Weather. The Comfort Temperature is 20℉-55℉, the Extreme Temperature is 0℉, the Limited Temperature is 15℉
Big and Tall Design: 90.5*39inch Size Have Enough Room, Can Fit Most big and tall peoples
Anti-Clip Zipper: The Zipper Made With Anti-Clip Design, So You Can Using It Smoothly, Also It is Stronger Than the Normal Zippers
Waterproof and Breathable: The Outer Material is Made With Waterproof Matterial, You Can Using it Safely in Your Camping. Also the Inner Material is Flannel, it is Soft Warm and Breathable.
Buy With Oaskys Assurance: Within 3 Years After You buy Our Sleeping bags,if have Any Problems, just Contact us, we can change or refund to you.
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sleeping bags



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Sleeping Bag Buckle

It can prevent accidental opening of the zipper during sleep at night and cold wind blowing into the sleeping bag.

Waterproof Material

The sleeping bag is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about getting up the next day and the sleeping bag will be wet with dew, providing you with warm sleep.

Anti-Snag 2-Way Zipper

A two-way zipper allows you to easily regulate the temperature inside the sleeping bag. You can also transform the sleeping bag into a quilt by undoing the zippers completely

sleeping bags

sleeping bags
What about us?

Oaskys has always provided the best equipments for your comfort on every outdoor adventure. Our brand philosophy: better, safer and reliable outdoor equipments. No matter what environment you are camping in, our sleeping bag can make you have a better comfortable sleeping experience.

  • FIT Temperature: 50℉- 68℉(10℃-20℃)
  • Outer Cover Material: 210T Nylon
  • Lining Material: Polyester
  • Fill-Material: Polyester

Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag

Four Different Sizes of Sleeping Bags Are Available for Your Choice

  • 29.5in x 86.6" (220cm x 75cm)
  • 31.5in x 86.6" (220cm x 80cm)
  • 33.5in x 86.6" (220cm x 85cm)
  • 39in x 90.5" (230cm x 99cm)

  • Sleeping bag cleaning steps and precautions
  • 1、Soak the sleeping bag in warm water, the water temperature should not be higher than 30 ° C.
  • 2、Please gently rub and pat, do not twist, it is recommended not to machine wash.
  • 3、After washing, please rinse thoroughly with water until there is no soap foam.
  • 4、After rinsing, slightly press out the water, and the sleeping bag lying flat placed in good ventilation to do "dry" processing.
  • 5、Dry process, please do not turn the sleeping bag, to avoid filling without lumps affect the sleeping bag fluffiness.
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